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Mediate to Go has many ways to modernize your mediation practice.

Ready to energize your mediation practice? Watch this video to see how Mediate to Go will help you modernize:

  • Case management
  • Customized, digital contracts
  • Session management
  • Secure client communication
  • Client contact management

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Mediator Directory

Grow your practice.

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Put your practice on the map with the Mediate to Go online directory.

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Professional Case Manager

Manage your practice.

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Go digital and save time with the Mediate to Go online case management system.

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Premium Case Manager

Elevate your practice.

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Elevate your practice even further with premium Mediate to Go features.

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Hear from some successful conflict resolution professionals who are doing more thanks to Mediate to Go.

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"M2G provides the online virtual office to support a busy mediator. One can focus on their clients and know that M2G will ensure all of the necessary paper work, references and materials can be found by clients in a timely manner. A solid investment for the busy mediation professional.""

Ethan Jerry Mings, Desk Consulting Group Inc

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"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to use your mediation management program for a free trial of 14 days. I find the program quite excellent in its organizational qualities and mobile access. Secure messaging feature is also very attractive for me. I wish you much success with this service. I find it very helpful for my practice. Thanks Mediate2go!"

Enrique G. Koenig, J.D., Koenig Mediation, LLC

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"We love using Mediate2go for our community mediation program. The web app teaches members of the public about conflict resolution, and then encourages new referrals to our service. We also save a lot of time, given that all our paperwork is kept in the cloud."

Center for Alternative Law and Mediation

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"Mediate2go is a great tool for our dispute resolution firm. It makes it easy to collaborate on cases; automatically tracking all documents, agreements and secure messages. We recommend the system for any size of firm."

LA Hughes and Associates

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Partner Associations

We've partenered with leading mediation associations to better serve you.


Conflicts are hard. Let us help you get started on resolving any conflict in your life.

In the spirit of mediation and corporate social responsibility, Mediate to Go has developed the first free online conflict self-resolution tool for the general public.

The Mediate to Go Self-Resolver can help people manage conflicts from any device, and even provide them with advice! Need help with a neighbourhood conflict, a tough workplace conflict, or a divorce? Mediate to Go can help for free!

See what the McGill University research and innovation publication, Headway, said about the Mediate to Go Self-Resolver here.

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