Ethan Jerry Mings


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A group process facilitator working with individuals, team and organizations.

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1-200 North Service Rd W. Suite 311
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 2Y1
Phone: +1-(905)-825-9938
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At the Desk Consulting Group Inc., we enable organizations to increase productivity, meet customer expectations and anticipate the future with confidence.

Our work specializes in working with Boards of Directors and Senior Teams in organizations through the health and community sector. We enable groups to create their long term plans, monitor plans for effectiveness, resole their disputes and create ways to understand changing government policy.

The core of our work is our ability to bring a facilitation focus to enable individuals, groups and organizations to work together through difficult questions and challenges. We work with a individuals, teams, communities or organizations to:

  • Identify the underlying questions or challenges
  • Create a process to support an interactive approach to problem solving
  • Facilitate the dialogue (face to face or online)
  • Enable the group to create a documented set of workable solutions
  • Support the group to create an Action Plan to move forward on their identified solutions

Ethan Jerry Mings brings over 15 years of experience and work in group process facilitation. He is ICA - Certified ToP Facilitator, IAF - Certified Professional Facilitator and ADR - Q.Med located in Oakville Ontario. He has been actively involved in design and facilitation public consultation events, multi-agency mediations and complex planning designs with community and organization stakeholders. His work specializes in the utilization of online web based tools to enable groups to plan, design and track complex decision making process over extended periods of time. Jerry brings a wealth of experience in working with difficult group situations and challenge one-on-one situations.

At the Desk, we always welcome your call to learn about your facilitation/ mediation needs.  If you have a complex group problem, not sure how to resolve a board to board or board to staff conflict or need to assistance to think through how to engage or partner with another organization, contact Jerry at The Desk Consulting Group Inc.


  • Conflict Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Mediation
  • Systems and Process Design


  • Community
  • Online Mediation
  • Workplace


Institution Course / Degree Year
Wildrid Laurier University Honours Perfomrance Music 1981
University of Windsor Law School Executive Certificate in Conflict Management, Mediation,Negotiation 2011