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We focus on HR and community training, group facilitation and mediation of school, workplace and employment claims.

Palmdale, CA
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We specialize in Mediation — the win-win solution

Mediation is the preferred intervention when two or more individuals (or groups) meet impasse for any variety of reasons.  Mediation is often referred to as the win-win solution because each participant comes away with something of value, be it respect or other compensation.

Mediation is also frequently thought of as an alternative to attorneys and the courts, but it can be used in conjunction with legal proceedings.  Mediation typically is less costly since matters can be resolved much more quickly.  Mediation also provides a greater range of creative solutions than do the courts which in most instances can award only monetary relief—which isn’t always adequate and often is not collectible.

Another benefit, in contrast to lawsuits, is that mediation supports improved, ongoing relationships so important in business and organizations.

$ave money, save time.                    
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We Facilitate Meetings
Not getting anything accomplished in your planning or decision making meetings?  Feel like a lot of time is being wasted?  Not achieving concrete solutions to problems?  L A Hughes & Associates can design and facilitate strategic planning and decision-making meetings with your input, or help you run better meetings yourself.

We Negotiate contracts, settlements
Whether it's a severance package or a large purchase contract, a licensing agreement or discrimination claim, as negotiating mediators we can help you achieve a fair and satisfying settlement.

We train
Violence prevention training, mediation skills and best employment practices are our specialties.  We can also train or coach you and your staff or organization in all facets of effective communication.  Our staff can help manage and edit everything from public relations pieces to internal memos to demand letters designed to help you achieve cooperative results.

We troubleshoot & design solutions
Are your internal systems wreaking havoc on your reputation, workers, or volunteers?  Do gossip, rumors and unrest or apathy find their way into the halls and lunchrooms?  Or do employees enjoy their work and meet or exceed company goals in a congenial and cooperative atmosphere? Even the best of environments may sometimes be threatened with isolated incidents that can ruin morale.  Happy employees and customers increase profits, meet higher standards and provide better service.  Let us look at your situation with fresh, objective eyes to identify trouble spots and help implement solutions.

We love working with governments and nonprofits
Let us tailor a program to meet your goal within your budget.
All consultations are held in strictest confidence.

We encourage you to contact us with questions or comments. You may send a secure message (preferred) using the optional on this page, or you may phone Ms. Hughes Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM PST at the number(s) listed below.


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